Paradise Valley – a new series

Vivi Holt has a new release coming soon!

After the break-out success of the Cutter’s Creek series on Amazon, the story of Bill and Sarah Hanover (from The Strong One – Book 2) will continue into a new series: Paradise Valley.
Of Peaks and Prairies is the first book in that new series, and promises to be a searing tale of love, heartbreak, tragedy and conflict in the old west.

Of Peaks and Prairies

Of Peaks and Prairies

Upon release this book will be only 99c for a limited time! And always free with Kindle Unlimited.
Genevieve Waters is married.
She’s married to a man she doesn’t love, and didn’t agree to marry. The scoundrel dragged her to the altar, and now everything is going to change. In a split second decision, she runs away, and stows aboard a chuck wagon that’s leaving on a cattle drive, heading north to Montana. She doesn’t know where she’s going or what she’ll do, she only knows one thing – she has to escape from Fort Worth, Texas.
Thomas O’Reilly’s finally got a good chance to prove himself to his Pa. After finding gold in Montana, he travels to Texas to buy a herd of longhorns to take back north with him, where demand for beef is high. Everything is going his way until he discovers a beautiful, young woman asleep in the back of his chuck wagon.
A woman on the trail is bad for business, especially in a group of rough and rowdy cowboys. Will she ruin everything he’s worked so hard for? Or will she be the one thing he really needs?
Follow their journey along the Chisholm Trail, from Texas to Montana, where challenges lurk around every corner, and love is forged in the heat of battle.

Here’s the cover, we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. This book is coming 14th July, 2016. Follow Vivi on Facebook, Amazon or BookBub to make sure you don’t miss out on any new release.

*Please note : This book continues the story of Bill and Sarah Hanover, from The Strong One (Cutter’s Creek #2)

  1. Loved this book! Can’t wait for next.

  2. Paradise Valley – hated to see it end and can’t wait for the next one in this series!!

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