Cotton Tree Ranch, book 3

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Jennifer Barsby was raised in a wealthy family. One with big plans for her future. But she isn’t the type to do as she’s told; instead, moving away from home to become a vet and live the life she’d always dreamed of.

But when her friend becomes ill, she doesn’t think twice about packing up and relocating to the Cottontree Ranch in south Georgia to take care of her.

Parker Williams has finally found some peace after his discharge from the army. The Cottontree is his refuge, a place where he can be himself and wrestle with the demons of the past with the support of his brothers, Dalton and Eamon.

But when Jen moves in, he begins to see that there’s more to life than he’d thought possible. She makes him laugh, and see things from a different perspective. But can he make her believe there’s more between the two of them than just a good friendship?

Visit the Cottontree ranch once again for this penultimate installment in the sweet romance series from two bestselling authors, and find out what happens when debutantes and cowboys collide!

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Great story and you’ll love these characters!

An outstanding book as all are on this wonderful series! I loved it!

Made me laugh and made me cry. Loved everything about this book.