Make-Believe Husband

Make-Believe, Book 4

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He’s a professional football player, she’s his best friend’s baby sister. He knows she’s off-limits, but there’s something about her he just can’t resist.

When Jax Green, star running back for the Atlanta Falcons loses his Dad suddenly, he heads back home to the small town of Ardensville, North Carolina to mourn. While there, he sees Stacey Murphy for the first time since high school and he’s surprised by his attraction to her. But can he go against his promise and date his best friend’s sister?

Stacy Murphy has dreams for her life, but every time she reaches for them something knocks her back down. She’s lost so much already, so when she loses her job again she feels like giving up. Her high school crush comes back to town, Stacey is certain she could never be more to him than his best friend’s little sister.

So, when Jax grows weary of all the attention he’s garnering from the single women in town Stacy hatches a plan to help him get the space he needs. Perhaps a fake marriage could be the answer to both their problems.  

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Make-Believe Husband

Poignant but heartwarming!

Touching story!

Vivi Holt is an awesome author. Her books are sweet, romantic, and the characters are believable and the dialogue is witty.


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