Make-Believe Marriage

Make-Believe, Book 6

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A baker with a past, a broken-hearted billionaire and a Vegas wedding.

Rachel Hill longs for a family of her own, but time is ticking away and she’s never been able to get past the loss of her high school boyfriend. Demons from the past threaten to steal her peace, but the fulfillment of a lifelong dream gives her something to live for and helps her see what’s right in front of her.
Daniel Montgomery leaves the family business to strike out on his own when his fiancee calls off the wedding leaving him broken-hearted. He longs to rebuild his life and succeed in his career, but his drive and ambition overshadow everything until he finally understands what truly matters.

They run into each other unexpectedly and recall a vow they made a decade earlier: if they’re still single at forty, they’ll marry each other.

With middle-age looming, these high school sweethearts elope without giving it more than a moment’s thought. But in the cold light of day, they soon come to regret their hasty choice.

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Make-Believe Marriage

Another awesome book by Vivi.

The author drew me in at the start and I was hooked.

I enjoyed all the angst!