The Way Back

Emerald Bay (Standalone Romance)

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Nothing’s turned out the way I planned.

I gave up on the idea of winning back my cheating husband, swallowed my pride, and returned to the sleepy beachside town of my childhood, Emerald Bay.

I wanted a chance to forget the pain of divorce and make a fresh start. A chance to find the person I used to be.

I didn’t expect to run into my high school boyfriend. The one that got away — the first big regret of my adult life. I didn’t expect him to look so good, or to be so lost. He was in pain, and I was in no shape to help him.

I wasn’t looking for love. I couldn’t take another heartbreak. I just wanted to find or at the very least some kind of peace. But a love like ours is hard to shake, even after so many years apart.

I never thought I’d get a second chance at happiness. A second chance with Finn. I just wanted to find the way back to the person I once was.

But maybe… just maybe… he was the way back.

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The Way Back

I so loved this book. It was so heart breaking reading of their loss and devastation and how they never gave up and struggled through until they could live again. And that the second chance on true love can heal undeniably. You absolutely will not be disappointed in reading this book.

Very heart warming, found myself not wanting to put this book away. I would recommend reading this book, it is a real to life story.