Cowboys & Debutantes, Book 6

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The Red Ghost is terrorizing the countryside. Could Pearl be its next victim?

Pearl Stout is angry.

Her parents put her on a train to the Arizona frontier to marry a man she’s never met and didn’t agree to marry. Feeling betrayed and alone, she goes along with their plan. But something happens along the way that surprises everyone.

The Red Ghost attacks.

A local legend, spoken of only in hushed tones by miners and farmers alike, they say the cloven-hooved Red Ghost is thirty feet high, carries a ghoulish rider on its distended back, tramples women to death and devours bears with its ferociously sharp teeth.
When Pearl encounters the ghost again, and only just escapes with her life, she decides it’s time to find out what, or who, this ghost really is.

Pearl’s intended is Hilton Pullman, a local reporter for the Tucson Gazette. He’s tired of being alone – his parents died when he was young, and his older brother abandoned him after losing his own fiancée. But when that trouble-making brother, Hank, returns right before the wedding, Hilton’s carefully laid plans are thrown into question.

Will Pearl marry her intended? And will she discover the secret behind the legend of the Red Ghost?

Read this final installment in the historical Cowboys & Debutantes series from a bestselling author, and learn once and for all the fate of our fallen-from-grace debutantes.

Inspired by true events.

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“This was fantastic! It wasn’t like the other ones in the series. I have enjoyed the whole series, but, this one grabs you from the start! A MUST READ!” – Amazon reviewer

“This was a great read! I was shocked to find out about the Red Ghost. I know that you won’t want to miss this one!” – Amazon reviewer

“Love and Mystery. Can’t Get Any Better.” – Amazon reviewer