Cutter’s Creek

“I’m holding my breath waiting for the next!”
“Can hardly believe how good they are.”
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The Strong One The Betrothed Cherished



CLICK HERE to see a list of all the Cutter’s Creek books. The Cutter’s Creek series is written by four authors: Kit Morgan, Vivi Holt, Annie Boone and Kari Trumbo.

This series was begun because of an image of a small, red, chapel found on Pinterest. It soon became the foundation of our stories. This chapel could shelter, connect and host weddings for various characters across generations. And so was birthed our beloved Cutter’s Creek – a cozy fictional town on the nineteenth century Montana frontier.

When you study the history of that period in Montana, you find stories of men and women who were tough, vibrant, resilient and passionate. A strikingly beautiful state, it has come to symbolize the pioneering life on the western frontier and everything that represents in the landscape of American history.

The folk of Cutter’s Creek epitomize the essence of the old west and embody the charm of Montana. Their stories will draw you in. So, pull up a chair, light a fire in the proverbial hearth, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and take a journey back to a time and place where life was simpler and true love lasted forever.

We hope that you will grow to love our little town as much as we do. Come and visit us again soon.