The end of a series

The Cowboys & Debutantes series has, for me, come to an end. There is still one more contemporary romance from Kit Morgan to add to the series, but my contribution is over. I’ve enjoyed writing the series. I hope you have enjoyed it too. It was a unique concept – writing a series that spanned … Continue readingThe end of a series

New Release

Hattie Now selling “Vivi Holt is a wonderful author, her stories are full of adventure, surprises, and clean tender love. I’ve never read a book by her that I didn’t love. This one was so well written, a balance of tears, holding your breath and sighs. I love how she takes her readers on a … Continue readingNew Release


Mail Order Bride: Katie

Newly pregnant, Katie learns that her husband has been killed in a construction accident in downtown Boston. Having lost her parents as a girl, she has to rely on her own skills to make her way. When she loses her job as well, she doesn’t know where to turn for help.