The end of a series

The Cowboys & Debutantes series has, for me, come to an end. There is still one more contemporary romance from Kit Morgan to add to the series, but my contribution is over.

I’ve enjoyed writing the series. I hope you have enjoyed it too. It was a unique concept – writing a series that spanned the generations as historical romance and contemporary romance. You can read either of the series or both of them. And readers seem to love both, even those who don’t usually read contemporary romance.

If you haven’t read it yet, grab your copy of Parker, my latest release. Let me know what you think of it!

Coming next – the third installment in the Paradise Valley series!

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“Vivi Holt is a wonderful author, her stories are full of adventure, surprises, and clean tender love. I’ve never read a book by her that I didn’t love.
This one was so well written, a balance of tears, holding your breath and sighs. I love how she takes her readers on a journey one you can’t wait to turn the page to see what happens next and when you reach the end, you don’t want it to stop! Ed and Hattie’s story is perfect. It was fun having a front row seat to their relationship. A pure pleasure to read, I’d give it a 10 star if I could.”

When Hattie Stout boards the train bound for the western frontier, she doesn’t think things can get any worse. Her father lost his fortune and made her a pariah in New York society. Then, the man she was engaged to marry, backed out of the arrangement to marry his cousin. When her parents decide there is nothing left to do but send her west as a Mail Order Bride, she thinks she’s hit rock bottom. She’s wrong!

Sheriff Ed Milton is comfortable in the life he’s carved out for himself in his small mining town. But he’s never met anyone quite like Hattie Stout before. When she steps out of the stage coach that fateful summer’s day, she makes an impression he finds difficult to forget. She’s beautiful, cultured and obviously wealthy – so what is she doing in Coloma?

A tragedy draws them together in a way neither one of them expects. And just when they think they can move on, it comes back to haunt them. Will they ever be free to follow their hearts?

Enjoy this fourth installment of mail-order brides who go from riches to rags! A clean and wholesome mail-order bride romance!

The Strong One


The Strong OneCutter’s Creek, Book 2

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Sarah Songan is a woman on the run.  In an attempt to find peace with their neighbors, the Apsáalooke chief has promised her hand to a soldier at Fort Smith, and Sarah’s determined not to be traded or bartered like an ornament. She strikes out on her own, leaving behind everyone and everything she has ever known. However, a woman traveling alone in 1866 Montana territory can fall prey to unscrupulous men. Sarah must confront her fears and draw on an inner strength she didn’t know she had, as well as a new-found hope in God if she is to survive.

Bill Hanover is a tired and lonely cowboy. After four long years fighting in the War Between the States, he returns to his family ranch in Montana only to discover it’s no longer his home. He heads south to Cutter’s Creek, where he encounters a beautiful woman whose feisty spirit takes his breath away. But she’s hiding a secret, and her past is about to catch up with her. Bill turns to God for help and guidance and encounters a new kind of love.

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“There wasn’t a page of this storyline that I didn’t totally enjoy. This author has become quite the story teller and I admire her work. Each and every book is better and better. I can hardly wait to see what Ms. Holt comes up with next. Thanks for a great read.”

“The main hero Harry, I just fell in love with! This is a wonderful book it does not disappoint! A pure delight.”

Author Vivi Holt is simply amazing! I have yet to read a book by her that is not great! This story was no different as it was a pleasure to read and captured my attention from beginning to end.”

“I loved the storyline!”

“This is a fun, entertaining read.”

“I really enjoyed it!”

“Their tale of struggles and trials to find a new life and new strength within themselves make this an outstanding read. I am looking forward to the next book in the series.”

“Entertaining book!”



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Mail Order Bride: Katie

Newly pregnant, Katie learns that her husband has been killed in a construction accident in downtown Boston. Having lost her parents as a girl, she has to rely on her own skills to make her way. When she loses her job as well, she doesn’t know where to turn for help.

Of Peaks and Prairies

Genevieve Waters Ewing is married. She’s married to a man she doesn’t love, and didn’t agree to marry. The scoundrel dragged her to the altar, and now everything is going to change. In a split second decision, she runs away, and stows aboard a chuck wagon that’s leaving on a cattle drive, heading north to Montana. She doesn’t know where she’s going, or what she’ll do, she only knows one thing – she has to escape from Fort Worth, Texas.